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Incite Focus

Incite Focus is a world-recognized, state-of-the-art production and training lab focused on the relationships between digital fabrication, permaculture, experiential learning, and appropriate technology. It is a key fabrication lab to combine these four areas of interest, which provides a holistic approach to sustainable community building. Incite Focus serves a community of thinkers and doers from students as young as 14 years of age, to young adults, to the neighborhood community group. It is a collaborative learning space where concepts and ideas are realized through technologies that give its users the capacity to create personal, household, community, commercial and industrial products using best-practices.  

Baber Memorial A.M.E.

Baber Memorial A.M.E. is a church in Brightmoor with a congregation of over 100 people. Rev. Larry Simmons, pastor of the church, is known for his work within the community, including youth outreach programs.   

Boggs Educational Center

The mission of the Boggs School is to nurture creative, critical thinkers who contribute to the well-being of their communities.

Source Booksellers

Source Booksellers is an independent bookstore in Midtown that specializes in niche nonfiction titles. 

Youth Initiatives Project

The Youth Initiatives Project (YIP) provides youth leadership and advocacy training focused on gun violence and substance abuse prevention.


Spectacles is a retail shop in downtown Detroit that sells fashionable and casual clothes with an edge along with accessories, books, and records. 

Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation

The Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation is a non-profit, community-based organization working to preserve and improve the Grandmont Rosedale Neighborhoods of northwest Detroit.

Savvy Chic

Savvy Chic, a clothing and home goods retail store in Eastern Market, opened its doors in September of 2000. It initially opened as an antiques store but over the years has added the latest trends in furniture and fashions, jewelry, and imported jams and candles from France. 

Linn Enterprises

Diane and Thom Linn are the founders of Linn Enterprises. OK, there's no such thing as Linn Enterprises, but the Linn family – Diane, Thom, and their children Emily, Andy, and Rob – is as much a consortium of Detroit-improving enterprises as it is a loving family, all of whom are active in working to help build a better Detroit. ?

Marsha Music

Marsha Battle Philpot, known by her artist's moniker Marsha Music, is a writer, community organizer, and lifelong Detroit who has ideas on how Detroiters young and old, new and returning and never left, can work together to shape "new Detroit." 

MBAD African Bead Museum

MBAD African Bead Museum is a major repository for African artifacts including sculptures, textiles, pottery, and bead works dating back hundreds of years, from countless cultures throughout Africa.

N'Namdi Center for Contemporary Art

The N'Namdi Center for Contemporary Art is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enlightenment through the arts.

Dell Pryor Gallery

The Del Pryor Gallery is one of Detroit's longtime art institutions, currently located in Midtown after myopic development attempts in Greektown and Harmonie Park pushed the nationally-respected gallery out of its prior homes. Owner Dell Pryor was among Detroit's earliest arts ambassadors, at a time when opening a gallery in the city made sense to no one but her. 

The Gay Moralist

John Corvino is a philosophy professor at Wayne State University and is probably best known as "The Gay Moralist" for his tireless work in marriage equality and other same sex social issues.

The Raiz Up

The Raiz Up is a neighborhood collective of Southwest Detroit residents using hip hop as a tool to create social awareness in their community through community dialog, artistic creation and collective action.


Deloitte is an international financial firm with a strong emphasis on corporate citizenship. "Citizenship drives measurable change in our communities, inspires our actions as societal changemakers, and instills great pride in knowing that what we do best - applying our skills and experience - accelerates positive, societal impact.

Southwest Detroit Community Justice Center

The mission of the Southwest Detroit Community Justice Center is to increase public trust in the justice system, assist in the reduction of crime, improve the quality of life and meet the needs of the community.

Detroit Design Festival

With more than 30 design happenings, 500 designers, 25,000 attendees, the Detroit Design Festival celebrates Detroit’s role as a global center of design and creativity. Concentrated in Detroit’s Creative Corridor and various neighborhoods throughout the city, events and installations will showcase Detroit’s cutting-edge design with the rest of the world.

Preservation Detroit

Preservation Detroit is Detroit's oldest and largest architectural preservation organization.

Girl Develop It Detroit

Girl Develop It empowers women of diverse backgrounds to learn how to develop software. GDI Detroit offers classes and events for female developers and women in the Metro Detroit region who want to learn code.

Power House Productions

Power House Productions started as a somewhat experimental community-development-slash-art project and has evolved into a catalyst for neighborhood development and a cornerstone of the burgeoning "Banglatown" arts community of national renown. 

The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers

The Secret Society Of Twisted Storytellers is a non-profit organization with a global mission and purpose to connect humanity, heal and transform community and provide an uplifting, thought-provoking, soul-cleansing entertainment experience that is unique through the art and craft of storytelling.

Detroit Land Bank Authority

The mission of the Detroit Land Bank Authority is to stimulate neighborhood stabilization and economic growth through the acquisition, management, and disposition of tax reverted and acquired properties by working collaboratively with community stakeholders, developers, and other governmental agencies in a transparent and fiscally responsible manner to promote conscientious stewardship of land.

Literary Detroit

Literary Detroit is an organization whose mission is to cultivate the city's literary community.

Sphinx Organization

Sphinx Organization is a nonprofit organization that seeks to transform lives through the power of diversity in the arts.

Grand River Creative Corridor

The Grand River Creative Corridor, also known as “GRCC Detroit”, is an art corridor and neighborhood revitalization project concentrated on Grand River Avenue between Rosa Parks Boulevard and Warren Avenue in Detroit, Michigan.

Dickinson by Design

Dickinson by Design is a small furniture design company that specializes in creating sustainable products. Their skilled crafts people hand make furniture pieces, large and small, with a focus on execution, finish, quality, and a respect for the natural beauty inherent in the materials used. 

Warren/Conner Development Coalition

The Warren/Conner Development Coalition is the first modern community development group to service Detroit's Lower Eastside. 


KICK! is an organization which supports and advocates for African American gays and lesbians in Detroit.

Sidewalk Festival of Performing Arts

Sidewalk Festival of Performing Arts is an annual platform that allowed emerging experimental and alternative artists in Detroit to showcase their work in full view of the public.

Infused PR

Infused PR & Events is a metro Detroit public/media relations and event planning company that provides unconventional, strategic, budget-conscience and stress-free public relations services to corporations, individuals, non-profit organizations, and small businesses.

Healthy Detroit

Healthy Detroit is a nonprofit public health organization dedicated to building a culture of healthy, active living in the city of Detroit.

Urban Social Assembly

Urban Social Assembly works to empower entrepreneurs and social innovators in the city of Detroit.

Palmer Woods Association

The Palmer Woods Association (PWA) is a neighborhood organization dedicated to keeping the Palmer Woods community strong, vibrant, safe and desirable for its residents. 

Practice Space

Practice Space is a multi-purpose company that provides physical space, resources, networking opportunities, and guidance to entrepreneurs who aren’t fully prepared to go at it alone just yet. 

Allied Media Projects

Allied Media Projects is the host organization of the Allied Media Conference, a collaborative laboratory of media-based organizing strategies for transforming our world, held every summer in Detroit.

Detroit Farm and Garden

Detroit Farm and Garden is a retail store in Southwest Detroit that provides quality gardening, farming and landscape resources to Detroit’s communities.

Detroit Dirt

Detroit Dirt is a compost company working to turn forgotten parcels of land in Detroit into urban farms that not only feed, but revitalize our community.

WSU Office of Economic Development

The Office of Economic Development at Wayne State was created in 2011 to help leverage the assets of the University to be a catalyst for growth on our campus and throughout the community. 

Popps Packing

Popps Packing is a home, studio, and experimental arts venue aimed at promoting dialog and cultural exchange between the local, national and international communities through exhibitions, performances, workshops and artist residencies.

Navin Field Grounds Crew

The Navin Field Grounds Crew (NFGC) is a volunteer organization that maintains the historic ballfield at Michigan and Trumbull.

D:hive BUILD

D:hive is a physical store front in Detroit’s central business district that connects people with the tools and resources they need to live, work or engage in the city.


Patronicity is a Detroit-based crowdfunding platform that tailors its platform to local and civic-minded endeavors.

ColorBlind Magazine

ColorBlind Magazine is an e-zine that centers on women and minorities, providing stories that encourage cultural awareness and raise pride among minority groups.


Networkingout is a Detroit-based fitness and social organization with the goal of creating and strengthening communities of professionals committed to living healthier lifestyles through collaborative effort, fitness, education and information sharing. 

5e Gallery

5e Gallery is an alternative multidisciplinary arts organization that presents and supports contemporary artists and their work, facilitates the creation of new work, and creatively engages, builds, and informs audiences and communities. 

Detroit Greenways Coalition

The Detroit Greenways Coalition is an offshoot of Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance, an organization that fosters and facilitates the creation of an interconnected statewide system of trails and greenways for environmental/cultural preservation purposes.


FAME SHOP is community impact workshop that offers personal branding courses in the areas of fashion, art, music, and entertainment.

Institute for Population Health Social Innovation Lab

The Institute for Population Health (IPH) assembles imaginative and socially minded innovators to learn, digest, debate and develop strategies for increasing health opportunities and addressing critical urban health issues.  The goal of the innovation lab is to advance positive health conditions using creative, actionable and nontraditional methods to impact health outcomes.

Bamboo Detroit

Bamboo Detroit is a members-only co-working space comprised of talented entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses right in the heart of downtown Detroit.

Ashur Collective

Kelly Guillory and Jaime Acocella started Ashur Collective to publish their comic book Blood Money: The Road to Detroit, a violent tale that challenges the industry's perceptions of what women want.

Michigan Urban Farming Initiative

The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative is a nonprofit organization that seeks to engage members of the Michigan community in sustainable agriculture.

Eastern Market Farm Stand

The mission of the Detroit Eastern Market Farm Stand program is to improve neighborhood and partner site's access to fresh and healthy food while serving as ambassadors of the Eastern Market Corporation.


EcoWorks (formerly WARM) creates opportunities to learn and practice the sustainable use of energy and natural resources through innovative education, job training, consulting, social business, and advocacy.

Chabad of Greater Downtown Detroit

Serving the people who live, work, play, study and give in Detroit, Chabad of Greater Downtown Detroit is a growing Jewish family at the heart of our city.

Community + Public Arts: Detroit

C+PAD pairs young people and community members with established Detroit artists. Teams work together to develop public art projects that: reach beyond the typical arts audience; engage the community in unique ways; engage with their sites, taking into account specific communities, the built environment, and/or the political and social histories of the site. The purpose of this website is to facilitate the connection between C+PAD, artists, and community.


Benevolent Detroit is a philanthropic crowd-funding website that spotlights low-income individuals by placing their stories online, listing what they need, why they need it, and how much it will cost to get it, then connecting nonprofits, their clients, and small donors who want to give to others. 

Detroit Grams

Detroit Grams is a digital magazine that tells the stories of everyday Detroiters through words and images.

Ali Sandifer Studio

Ali Sandifer Studio is an acclaimed hand-made furniture house.

Detroit Kitchen Connect

Detroit Kitchen Connect is a network of co-working spaces for the city's food entrepreneurs.

Marche du Nain Rouge

Marche du Nain Rouge is the annual parade to symbolically drive out the evil red dwarf that torments Detroit in the Cass Corridor's answer to Mardi Gras. 

Reveal Your Detroit

Reveal Your Detroit is an amateur photography exhibition held at the Detroit Intitute of Arts and an accompanying book published by the Wayne State University Press. 

Imagine Detroit Together

Imagine Detroit Together is a grassroots community group that seeks to bridge the gap between Old and New Detroit. 

Ideal Group

Ideal Group is a family-owned, community-oriented manufacturing company based in Southwest Detroit. 

DAD Foundation for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

The DAD Foundation for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing provides all types of advocacy and social services for the deaf and hard of hearing community. 

Hatch Detroit

Hatch Detroit is a nonprofit corporation focused on supporting, funding and developing independent storefront retail businesses in Detroit. Hatch Detroit believes that vibrant and diverse retail is critical in attracting and retaining residents in Detroit neighborhoods.

Better Block Detroit

Better Block Detroit is an effort to raise awareness of complete streets, placemaking methods, and the potential for healthy, vibrant neighborhoods in the city.

New Solutions Group

New Solutions Group LLC is a for-profit public policy consulting business.

Social Club Grooming Company

Social Club Grooming Co. provides environmentally friendly grooming services as well as health and beauty education to the metropolitan Detroit community through socially responsible practices.

Parliament Studios

Parliament Studios is a television, film, and video production company with projects that include Start Up USA and Girls Gone Vinyl

Grand Circus

Grand Circus is a new company that aims to increase the size of Detroit's technology industry by addressing a dearth of tech talent in the city through classes, workshops and networking opportunities.

Vanguard CDC

The Vanguard mission is to facilitate the revitalization of the physical, social, and economic fabric of the North End and to increase expectations and expand the possibilities envisioned for the neighborhood after decades of disinvestment.


Nextek Power Systems makes and sells DC microgrid systems.

Detroit Collaborative Design Center

The Detroit Collaborative Design Center (DCDC) is a multi-disciplinary, nonprofit architecture and urban design firm at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Architecture dedicated to creating sustainable spaces and communities through quality design and the collaborative process.

Social Sushi Detroit

Social Sushi Detroit is a unique social catering company created to impact Detroit by way of fundraising and networking events.


D:hive is a major access point for information, contacts, and connections about things happening the city.

Detroit City Council District Six

Raquel Castaneda-Lopez is the first person ever to represent District Six as city government shifts back to representation by district for the first time in nearly a century. 


TechTown is Detroit’s business growth center, and SWOT City, a grassroots initiative designed to be sustainable and allow neighborhoods to attract and retain the businesses they most need, is one of its signature programs. 

Community Development Advocates of Detroit (CDAD)

Community Development Advocates of Detroit is the trade association for community development and neighborhood improvement organizations, working to support them through technical assistance, information, public policy advocacy and capacity building.

Spaulding Court

Spaulding Court is a historic twenty unit North Corktown complex that is transforming into a community asset. 

Math Corps

WSU's Math Corps stands on the belief that all children have a unique and special greatness within them, and that through hard work, a commitment to excellence, and a dedication to learning, combined with the support of a caring community, this greatness can be realized. It is the mission of the WSU Math Corps, using Mathematics as its tool, to help as many children in Detroit as possible realize their own particular greatness.

Super Business Girl

Super Business Girl is Asia Newson's candle company, which she both makes and sells and trains other kids to do the same. She is known around town as Detroit’s Youngest Entrepreneur.

Neighbors Building Brightmoor

Neighbors Building Brightmoor is a non-profit organization composed of a group of neighbors "dedicated to mobilizing, equipping, and helping each other to create a beautiful, healthy and sustainable community for ourselves and our children."

Restore the 'Moor

Restore the 'Moor is a community-driven plan that is being developed by and for community members in Brightmoor.

The Peacock Room

The Peacock Room is a women's apparel and accessory boutique owned by Rachel Lutz, who also owns the Emerald, a gift shop and men's haberdashery. Both are located inside the Park Shelton in Midtown.

Detroit Achievement Academy

The Detroit Achievement Academy is a brand-new nonprofit charter school in Grandmont-Rosedale.

Spielhaus Toys

Spielhaus Toys is a 2013 Hatch Detroit finalist now popping up on Woodward through the holidays with sights set on a permanent location in the future. 

Midtown Detroit, Inc.

Midtown Detroit, Inc. is the neighborhood development organization that has been working on revitalizing the former "Cass Corridor" and "Culutral Center" since 1976. 

Jefferson East, Inc.

Jefferson East, Inc. is a development organization that focuses on the revitalization of neighborhoods along the East Jefferson corridor.

Rebel Nell

Rebel Nell is a jewelry company with a purpose: one that will hire disadvantaged women in the city, train them how to make the already-popular jewelry line, and help them transition from a life of dependence into one of self-reliance and self-empowerment.

Brother Nature Produce

Brother Nature Produce is a successful urban farm in Corktown. They sell their locally-grown herbs, greens, and produce at local farmers' markets and through their CSA program. You can also find them on the menus of area restaurants that support the local foods movement. 

La Feria

La Feria is an authentic Spanish tapas restaurant opening soon in Midtown. 

Deep Dive Detroit

Deep Dive Detroit is an organization that aims to create a safe space for uncomfortable conversations between disparate groups.

Osborn College Access Network

The Osborn College Access Network (OCAN) has the mission of dramatically increasing the college awareness, admission and completion rates in the Osborn community among students and adults.


GalaxE.Solutions designs, develops and implements applications that run securely on internal networks and over the Internet. The company made headlines when they opened an office in downtown Detroit and are known around town for coining (and marketing) the phrase, "Outsource to Detroit." 

Detroit Vegan Soul

Detroit Vegan Soul is Detroit's only 100% plant-based foods restaurant, which aims to promote healthful eating in the community. 


The annual TEDxDetroit conference is a daylong conference featuring engaging talks around technology, entertainment and design.

Detroit Music TV

DetroitMusic.TV is an ever-expanding website that hosts the area's best music videos.

PHAT Magazine

PHAT Magazine is the world's first pro-curve online and on-demand print fashion magazine.

Matrix Theatre Company

Matrix Theatre Company uses the transformative power of theatre to change lives, build community, and foster social justice.

Girl Develop It

Girl Develop It is an international organization dedicated to providing affordable programs for teaching women to learn how to code.

Lips and Hips

Lips and Hips is a forum for real talk led by REAL women. A place where we can talk candidly about EVERYTHING. There are only two rules; respect and honesty. It's a place for us to DREAM. PLAN. and DO.

Eastern Market Corporation

The mission of the Eastern Market Corporation is to mobilize leadership and resources to achieve stakeholders vision for the Eastern Market District and make the Eastern Market the undisputed center for fresh and nutritious food in southeast Michigan.

MAN Network

MAN is the acronym for Maintaining A Neighborhood. The MAN Network is a collaborative effort of Churches in the Osborn community (Detroit North East) to create a network of men that will take a responsible role in the community to provide safety, structure, and support.

The Butcher's Daughter

The Butcher’s Daughter is dedicated to creating innovative, cultural context for contemporary art through the representation of emerging and mid-career artists and the sale of their work.

Burnside Farm

Burnside Farm, located just north of Hamtramck, is a place where art and agriculture intersect. 


AFROTOPIA is a project of Ingrid LaFleur's Maison LaFleur, which operates with the goal of providing access to and enhancing the experience of contemporary art.

The Untitled Bottega

Untitled Bottega is an art gallery and performance space with a policy of saying "yes."  

Mosaic Youth Theatre

Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit is an internationally acclaimed youth development program that concentrates on helping young artists excel on stage and in life.

1xRUN and Inner State Gallery

Jesse Cory and Dan Armand are the founders of 1xRUN, an e-commerce company specializing in limited edition time-released prints from international artists, and Inner State Gallery, a fine art gallery on the edge of Eastern Market.

The Atonement Project

The Atonement Project is a partnership between author, activist, and mentor Shaka Senghor and The University of Michigan, Theater Department and MIT Media Lab.

Caribbean Mardi Gras Productions

Ralph Taylor is the owner of Caribbean Mardi Gras Productions, designing elaborate, meticuliusly-detailed Trinidadian Carnival-styled costumes for balls and parades all over the world. 


826michigan is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students aged 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.

Georgia Street Community Garden Collective

Georgia Street Community Collective is a nonprofit organization located on Detroit's Eastside that reduces blight, addresses food security issues, and builds community through urban farming.

Michigan Corps

Michigan Corps is an organization that  connects michigan citizens globally to opportunities to help advance social innovation in the state.

Michigan Community Resources

Michigan Community Resources provides the legal, policy, education, outreach, planning and technical skills and resources community-based organizations and low-income communities need to revitalize and thrive.


Trinosophes is a cafe, performance venue, and art gallery that is constantly evolving.

X Games Detroit Bid

Detroiters Kevin Krease and Garret Koehler have taken a bid for bringing the X Games to Detroit into the final round.


De-Tread provides solutions to tire blight with the result being clean, healthy and safe neighborhoods.

SEED Wayne

Kami Pothukuchi is an Associate Professor of Urban Planning at Wayne State University, and also the founder and director of SEED Wayne and the Wayne State Farmers Market. 

Digerati Girls

Monica and Adrienne Wheat are the founders of Digerati Girls, a nonprofit that creates connections, programs, and experiential opportunities to increase the number of women and young girls in digital entrepreneurship and digital marketing careers.

Beehive Recording Company

Beehive Recording Company is a nontraditional music label that records artists for free and provides free mp3 downloads of all music recorded to the public.

Black Catalogue

Black Catalogue releases underground electronic music from Detroit and around the world. 

Detroit Party Marching Band

Detroit Party Marching Band is a guerilla street band. 

Detroit Urban Stringz II Youth Ensemble

Urban Stringz is a strong youth ensemble that develops and enhances students' musical talents and abilities in addition to exposing them to our culturally rich and diverse.

Art & Development Inc.

Art & Development is a working studio and gallery established by Detroit artist Camilo Pardo.


Signal-Return is a traditional letter press design and print shop in Eastern Market co-owned by Toby Barlow.

Woodbridge Pub

The Woodbridge Pub is a neighborhood bar that serves affordable, hand-made food and also serves as a community hub. 

Sweet Potato Sensations

Sweet Potato Sensations is a soulful bakery café catered to the sweet lover.

Detroit Design Center

Detroit Design Center is a company of artists that create exquisite furniture pieces, accessories, sculptures, lights and more.

Brand Camp University

Brand Camp University is a multi-faceted resource program that assists small business owners. 

LOVELAND Technologies

LOVELAND Technologies is a software company that does interactive city mapping and crowd sourcing.


Mindfield is a creative media company specializing in video, shooting, editorial, motion design, 3-D, interactive, and mobile.

Spirit of Hope

Spirit of Hope is leading lives of hope and love in Detroit and the world as followers of Jesus Christ. 

Detroit Bike City

Detroit Bike City is an organization dedicated to promoting cycling in the City of Detroit. Through weekly rides, tours, bike-in theater, and events/shows, Detroit Bike City is continually contributing to the growth of bicycle culture in the city with a goal to further bicycling not only as a health initiative, but also to help improve Detroit’s image in order to repopulate it.

Tarot & Tea

Tarot & Tea provides spiritual counsel using divination tools such as tarots cards, palimstry, intuitive and tea leaf readings, to bring clarity, healing and balance to individuals.

Church of the Messiah

Church of the Messiah is an open-door church that accepts everyone. 

Honor & Folly

Honor & Folly is a quaint two-bedroom bed and breakfast perched above Slows BBQ in the unassumingly trendy Corktown neighborhood.

Motor City Java House

The Motor City Java House is a local coffee shop that anchors the redevelopment happening in Old Redford on Detroit's northwest side. 

Sharma Analytics

Sharma Analytics provides smart data collection and analysis services that connect information to relevant human stories.

Motor City Sewing & Design

Motor City Sewing & Design is a commercial, residential, experimental, and wearable art company.


Rodin is a new restaurant and nightclub in Midtown serving whimsical French-inspired cuisine in a stylish urban atmosphere.

The Batata Shop

The Batata Shop is an artisan food business that specializes in from-scratch comfort foods made with sweet potatoes including waffles, pancakes, biscuits and more.

Fresh Corner Cafe

Fresh Corner Cafe brings fresh, healthy and nutritious foods to corner stores and gas stations throughout the city of Detroit.

Hamtown Farms

Hamtown Farms is a paw-paw farm in the city of Hamtramck.

Detroit Parent Network

The Detroit Parent Network (DPN) is a parent advocacy, training and support organization working to empower Detroit parents and primary caregivers to obtain quality education for their children.  

Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue

The Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue envisions itself as a broadly inclusive institution: one in which anyone may discover Judaism in a safe and welcoming environment.

Avalon Bakery

Avalon Bakery is a hand-crafted baked goods business that emphasizes triple bottom line practice with the motto of "Eat Well, Do Good."

Simply Casual Clothing Store

Simply Casual Clothing Store is a men's and women's lifestyle; a lounge boutique. 

The Villages CDC

The Villages CDC's mission is to create and promote a stable community through business growth, housing stability, quality of life improvements and healthy lifestyle.


HUGH is a store that sells barware, cocktail accessories, personal effects, housewares, furniture and lighting all inspired by classic bachelor pad style.

Sunday Dinner Company

The Sunday Dinner Company is a Southern comfort food-style restaurant in the East Jefferson corridor that is more social enterprise than mere restaurant.

Alternatives for Girls

Alternatives for Girls is a multi-service agency offering shelter as well as prevention and outreach programs for homeless, pregnant, and at-risk young women in Detroit. 

The Boggs Center

The Boggs Center is a space to nurture the development of visionary organizing rooted in place and history.

Canine To Five

Canine To Five is a pet care facility located in Detroit’s Midtown offering dog day care, grooming and cage-free attended overnight boarding.

Black Women Rock

Black Women Rock is an annual weekend long cultural concert featuring female musicians of color. It is a tribute concert to Betty Davis; an influential funk and rock predecessor. Black Women Rock features musical performances, panel discussions, workshops and live paintings. The event has been graced by such performers as Monica Blaire, Res and artists like Sabrina Nelson.

Wedge Detroit

Wedge Detroit is a new Detroit based design firm, which uses design to add value to the already present infrastructure in the city both through our individual client work and our community driven design projects.

Fresh Media Group

Fresh Media Group is the parent company of FreshCorp and Wink. FreshCorps produces quality events, promotions and marketing with an expertise in electronic music culture. Wink provides exposure for and contributes to queer culture in Detroit.

Osborn Neighborhood Alliance

The Osborn Neighborhood Alliance works as a partner with the community to make sure kids are safe, healthy, well-educated and prepared for adulthood.

People for Palmer Park

People for Palmer Park is a community-based neighborhood organization with the goal of revitalizing one of Detroit's gems—Palmer Park—to create a healthier, stronger community.

City Wings Detroit

City Wings Detroit is a slick restaurant in New Center where the food is made fresh using high-quality ingredients and where excellent customer service is emphasized.

Tour de Troit

The Tour de Troit is a bike ride that explores some of the city’s historic areas, takes in many of its most breathtaking sights, and provides bicyclists a unique opportunity to legally “take over” the streets of the Motor City. 

Halal Live Chicken

Halal Live Chicken sells live poultry that is slaughtered, cleaned and cut onsite for its customers in accordance with Islamic law. 

The Yuinion

The Yuinion aims to create vibrant communities both locally and nationally where youth and young adults will not only thrive spiritually, academically, socially, and physically, but also discover their purpose in Christ.

Excellent Schools Detroit

Excellent Schools Detroit is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that every child in Detroit has an excellent education. They believe a child's educational potential starts while from birth and continues into early adulthood. 


Southwest Detroit's GRACE IN ACTION (GRACE) is a Southwest Detroit-based Christian faith community working to engage youth and organize residents around key issues. 

Summer in the City (SITC)

Summer In The City (SITC) is a nonprofit volunteering and service organization that mobilizes volunteers around three initiative areas; paint, plant and play. Summer in the City (SIC), through its volunteer corps, paints murals around the city, helps at community gardens (plant) and partners with relevant organizations and groups to develop and staff youth enrichment programs through the city (play).

Detroit Asian Youth Project (DAY)

The Detroit Asian Youth (DAY) Project educates youth about national and local Asian-American history using community projects and conversation to help them understand the connection between their heritage and the larger Detroit.

Sisters Inspiring Sisters (SIS)

Sisters Inspiring Sisters (SIS) works with female high school students in the city of Detroit, offering them mentoring sessions in key life skill areas from relationships and domestic violence to college preparation and conflict resolution.

Greening of Detroit

The Greening of Detroit is a nonprofit organization established in 1989 to guide and inspire others to create a greener Detroit through planting and educational programs, environmental leadership, advocacy, and community capacity-building.

Detroit Wallpaper Company

A project by artist Mary K Bazzi, Detroit Wallpaper Company is an exploration of art beyond the canvas, realized through murals on urban surfaces in public spaces.

Hot Spokes

Founded by Shayne O'Keefe, Hot Spokes is a lunch delivery service serving greater downtown Detroit. Partnering with local independent restaurants, Hot Spokes delivers food right to your door - by bicycle.

D-Town Farm

D-Town Farm is the urban agriculture initiative of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, a group of individuals and organizations dedicated to building food security and advocating for food justice for Detroit’s majority African-American community.

Detroit Greencycle

Detroit GreenCycle is a curbside recycling and compost pick-up service. For a nominal monthly fee, GreenCycle collects recycling from residents and businesses in the greater downtown area by bicycle, delivering recyclables to Recycle Here and compost to local gardens.

Downtown Boxing Gym

The Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program is a non-profit organization committed to enhancing the lives of young Detroit men and women through physical training, academic tutoring and counseling, and community service opportunities.


CLAVE stands for Community of Latino Artists, Visionaries and Educators. Founded in Southwest Detroit in 2008 to continue the work of Casa de Unidad, the organization advocates for cultural appreciation, using art to create community unity.

Pay it Forward Initiative

Founded by Charlie Cavell in 2010, the Pay it Forward Initiative partners jobless residents of Detroit with internships at local nonprofits and companies. 

Brightmoor Alliance

The Brightmoor Alliance is a coalition of nearly 50 organizations dedicated to serving northwest Detroit's Brightmoor community.

Cafe Con Leche

Café Con Leche is an independent, locally-owned café in Southwest Detroit. The business was founded on the belief that strong communities need a central gathering place that reflects the diversity of the neighborhood.

Detroit Big F Deal

Detroit Big F Deal is a crowd-funding platform that allows people to contribute money or volunteer their time toward various projects that address a social or civic need.


COLORS is a social enterprise of the Restaurant Opportunities Center of Michigan. Located in downtown Detroit, the restaurant uses local ingredients and trains local employees in collective entrepreneurship.

Thrive Detroit

Founded by Delphia Simmons, Thrive Detroit is a social venture offering vulnerably-housed citizens opportunities to launch micro-entrepreneurial projects. 

Urban Network

Founded by Yusef Bunchy Shakur, the Urban Network is a multi-purpose, community-centered business consisting of a bookstore, an entertainment company, and a publishing outfit. 

En Garde! Detroit

Founded by Bobby Smith, En Garde! Detroit is a social enterprise providing inner-city youth access to the sport of fencing.

Detroit SOUP

Detroit SOUP is a monthly fundraising dinner for creative projects in the city.

Recycle Here

Recycle Here! is the City of Detroit's neighborhood recycling program. Since January of 2007, Recycle Here! has recycled over 7,400,000 pounds of material from over 175,000 visits from Detroit residents.

Ruth Ellis Center

Founded in 1999, the Ruth Ellis Center is the only mission-specific agency in the Midwest dedicated to at-risk lesbian, gay, bi-attractional, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth.

Young Nation

Young Nation's mission is to promote holistic development of youth in urban settings through building relationships, community education, and passion-driven projects.

Young Adults of Heidelberg (YAH)

Young Adults of Heidelberg (YAH) is a branch of the Heidelberg Project that engages young adults, between the ages of 18-35, to advance the Heidelberg mission, become leaders in the community, and gain professional development in Detroit's growing arts industry.

FoodLab Detroit

FoodLab Detroit is a group to support the development, growth, and cooperation of locally owned socially and environmentally responsible food enterprises.

Fender Bender

Fender Bender is a women and queer run bicycle collective in Detroit for cycling advocates, mechanics and bike enthusiasts. They offer safe, comfortable, and comprehensive bicycle mechanic training programs, safe street riding instruction, a bike lending library, group rides, bike art activities and community events.

Green Garage

The Green Garage is three things: a building located in the Midtown area of Detroit, a business enterprise, and a community of people dedicated to Detroit's sustainable future.


Ponyride is a creative incubator that provides cheap space for socially-conscious artists and entrepreneurs to work and share knowledge, resources and networks.

Challenge Detroit

Challenge Detroit is an initiative to invite 30 of tomorrow's leaders to live, work, play, and give in and around the Detroit area for one year.

Empowerment Plan

The Empowerment Plan is a humanitarian project to make and deliver a coat that is self-heated, waterproof, and transforms into a sleeping bag at night for people living on the streets.

Declare Detroit

Declare Detroit is a movement of citizens who support the Detroit Declaration, a manifesto offering twelve principles for a prosperous city and region. The document serves as a framework to advocate for policy reform and political action to make Detroit more vibrant, sustainable and equitable for all.

Detroit City Futbol League

The DCFL is a co-ed adult recreational soccer league consisting of teams representing neighborhoods in Detroit. The league aims to bring together folks for good times and to highlight the distinct neighborhoods of the city.

Mt Elliott Makerspace

The Mt Elliott Makerspace is a community workshop that serves as an environment for knowledge exchange and entrepreneurial experimentation through “making.”
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