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Youth Transit Alliance: Pilot program gets kids where they need to go

The lack of functional public transit in Detroit hits kids hard, especially when there is no bus to get them to and from youth programs. A new partnership, launched by the Skillman Foundation and the Detroit Bus Company, is meeting this critical demand.

Social Impact Design: Why Detroit?

Michael J. Brennan, president and CEO of United Way of Southeastern Michigan, shares his thoughts on why the concept of Social Impact Design is a perfect model for metro Detroit. 

Impact Day 2013

Once a year, on a day dubbed IMPACT Day, Deloitte—the global business services and consulting agency—focuses its impressive resources and talents on volunteering in the community. UIX's Tunde Wey reports from this year's installment. 

Getting clear on social entrepreneurship to unleash change agents

Elizabeth Garlow is the Executive Director of Michigan Corps, an organization that empowers Michiganders everywhere to connect and collaborate on social innovation in communities across our state. Here she discusses how to define social entrepreneurship without all of the confusing jargon. 

D3 + UIX Insight: Funding Innovation

We have hit the one year mark with the Urban Innovation Exchange (UIX) initiative. After one year we have interviewed an initial 60 innovators identified by UIX; we are now able to start sharing some of our preliminary insights.

Publisher's notebook: The Avenue, a love story

With the "Light up Livernois" event coming up May 31-June 1, Claire Nelson takes a tuneful stroll down the Avenue of Fashion, shining a light on one of Detroit's most historic retail districts. Conclusion? Cooperation and collaboration point to an even more vibrant future.  

D3 + UIX : INSIGHT - The Skills Required for Innovation

We have hit the one year mark with the Urban Innovation Exchange (UIX) initiative. Here Kat Hartman, Communications Manager at Data Driven Detroit and analyst for the UIX initiative, provides some takeaways from the data collected from Detroit's urban innovators in this first year of UIX. 

Every Day is a Holiday: The Future of Detroit is Now

UIX editor Nicole Rupersburg takes a look at the city that is evolving more every day. It's springtime: a time of rebirth and renewal. Detroit's interminable winter has finally come to an end.

All together now: Diving deeper into Model D discussion on race

Race relations top the list of issues that need absolute real talk. There are many who believe Detroit can be a leader in building cooperation and harmony as we rebuild the city. Matthew Lewis reports from a room filled with plenty of believers. 

FoodLab: Weaving the network for a good food system in Detroit

Jess Daniel, founder of FoodLab Detroit, discusses network weaving versus networking, and how FoodLab utilizes the network weaving strategy to help build a strong good food system here in Detroit.

We declare it: 2013 in Detroit year of civic engagement

Declare Detroit's Brad Frost gets inspired by the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr. and calls for a year of action in the city. It begins with circling dates for 2013 elections. We can definitely get on with that idea. 

Urban Exchange: Trading Ideas with Toronto

Model D's Claire Nelson and Hopscotch Detroit social innovator Ajooni Sethi go north to share the power of play as a tool for civic engagement with our Canadian comrades at Yonge St. Sounds like some serious fun was had in the Queen City.

From banking to changemaking: Chris Uhl reflects on his move to the Skillman Foundation

Chris Uhl left the world of banking to join the Skillman Foundation (as a director, no less). Here he reflects on his reasons for making that life-changing decision to dedicate his life to changemaking. 

Poor but sexy: REVOLVE aims to re-imagine vacant storefronts and rebuild neighborhood retail

Michael Forsyth, Business Development Manager of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, heads up the DEGC's recently-launched REVOLVE program. REVOLVE works with growing neighborhoods, aspiring entrepreneurs, and building owners in need of tenants to address Detroit's threefold issue of neighborhood needs, excessive storefront vacancies, and lack of retail density head-on via pop-up. Here he shares with UIX Detroit the short- and long-term visions for REVOLVE.

Making the Pivot from DIY to Do It Together

Do-it-yourself Detroit is on borrowed time. Working around the democratically elected government of the city isn’t a long term strategy. One day soon we’ll have to figure out how to address the future of this city that stretches out beyond the horizon of our lifetimes, past the excitement of this burst of energy, past the frustration and decline that has plagued Detroit for 50 years.
56 Articles | Page: | Show All
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