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Pay It Forward
Pay It Forward

Pay it Forward Initiative

479 W. Willis
Detroit, MI 48201

Pay it Forward Initiative

Founded by Charlie Cavell in 2010, the Pay it Forward Initiative (PIF) partners jobless residents of Detroit with internships at local nonprofits and companies. 
Pay it Forward’s primary offering is a 16-week internship program for Detroiters ages 18 to 24. The program places interns in jobs with local partner organizations. During the course of the internship, PIF provides weekly counseling sessions, a transportation stipend, financial management and entrepreneurial classes, and wages. The partner organizations where the interns are placed do not incur any costs.

As part of PIF’s comprehensive approach to job placement, interns are evaluated to determine the prerequisites for their career success. This orientation meeting allows PIF to recognize and administer additional services such as childcare, education and connections to other social service providers.
At the end of the internship, interns leave with a stronger resume having learned valuable job skills. PIF also arranges two letters of recommendation and a job offer or opportunity for continued education.

The curriculum administered by PIF was developed in conjunction with faculty at Wayne State University.

Photo by Marvin Shaouni Photography. The young woman pictured above is an intern of the Pay it Forward Initiative.

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