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Brightmoor Alliance
Brightmoor Alliance - Doug Coombe


Joe Rashid

Restore the 'Moor

14551 Burt Road
Detroit, Michigan 48223

Restore the 'Moor

Restore the 'Moor is a community-driven plan that is being developed by and for community members in Brightmoor.

All photos by Doug Coombe. 

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  • Riet Schumack
    Riet Schumack is one of the co-founders of Neighbors Building Brightmoor, a non-profit organization composed of a group of neighbors "dedicated to mobilizing, equipping, and helping each other to create a beautiful, healthy and sustainable community for ourselves and our children."
  • Kirk Mayes
    Kirk Mayes is the director of the Brightmoor Alliance, a coalition of organizations dedicated to delivering social services to the Brightmoor community in Northwest Detroit. He is also a drafter of the Detroit Declaration, a member of the B.I.N.G. Institute Roundtable and a player on the Detroit City Futbol League's champion team.

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  • The Brightmoor Alliance
    The Brightmoor Alliance is a coalition of nearly 50 organizations dedicated to enhance the capacity and the effectiveness of Brightmoor residents and stakeholders to transform our community into a community of choice.
  • Data Driven Detroit
    The mission of Data Driven Detroit is to use advanced information technology to gather and analyze relevant data for those organizations and citizens of the greater Detroit metropolitan area who are dedicated to transforming information into action.