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2051 Rosa Parks
Detroit, MI 48216

Detroit SOUP

Detroit SOUP is a project that allows people in the Detroit community to fund highly-localized community projects by spending $5 on a shared dinner of soup, salad, bread, and pie, and then voting on which project they believe best helps their community. A pool of artists and activists present project proposals to the diners, who then vote on which group should receive the money that has been raised that evening.

To date, SOUP has funded sixteen projects with an average grant around $700. Many projects got their start-up money to then be able to build their confidence, idea potential, and business plan.
Detroit SOUP has proven that building a dinner provides a human social network that enables the sharing of gifts, talents, and capabilities. The dinner is a new way to bring people together, share resources, and provide support with creative and thoughtful endeavors. SOUP is an access point to creating social capital and to providing neighbors an opportunity to engage with the reimagining of Detroit.
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