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Model D TV: Innovation in education speaker series recapped

Students, teachers, administrators, and Model D partners from foundations and media jammed into Youthville for our speaker series on innovation in education. Walter Wasacz took the notes, Tony Eggert and Marvin Shaouni the pictures. 

Crossing Paths with Kyle Bartell

Photographer Noah Stephens goes out in search of innovation and crosses paths (more than once) with a young Detroiter on a mission to transform unused parcels into parks. Meet Kyle Bartell, who has a vision to create more public gathering spaces in places where trails are already being blazed. (Photo essay from The People of Detroit for UIX.)

Let's Get Innovative: How Can Detroit Do More with Less?

As demands on the world’s non-renewable and limited resources increase, how can Detroit be a lead innovator in the practice of doing more with less? Rachel Klegon, Executive Director of Green Living Science, shares her thinking on how we can all contribute to being a more efficient and effective community. Read here, then join the conversation.
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