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Olayami Dabls

Olayami Dabls is the owner of the MBAD African Bead Museum, a major repository for African artifacts including sculptures, textiles, pottery, and bead works dating back hundreds of years, from countless cultures throughout Africa.

George N'Namdi

George N'Namdi is the founder of the N'Namdi Center for Contemporary Art, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enlightenment through the arts. He is one of the nation's leading art dealers, with some 30 years experience as a gallery owner.

Dell & Sharon Pryor

Mother and daughter Dell and Sharon Pryor, among Detroit's earliest art and cultural ambassadors, are the owners of Del Pryor Gallery and Tulani Rose, longtime art institutions located in Midtown.

John Corvino

John Corvino is a philosophy professor at Wayne State University and is probably best known as "The Gay Moralist" for his tireless work in marriage equality and other same sex social issues.

Antonio Cosme

Antonio Cosme is a young artist, activist, and social organizer in Southwest Detroit. He co-founded the Raiz Up, a neighborhood collective of Southwest Detroit residents using hip hop as a tool to create social awareness in their community through community dialog, artistic creation and collective action.

Michelle Srbinovich

Michelle Srbinovich is the Interim General Manager and Digital Director at WDET and co-founder of Girl Develop it Detroit. Girl Develop It empowers women of diverse backgrounds to learn how to develop software. GDI Detroit offers classes and events for female developers and women in the Metro Detroit region who want to learn code.

Joe Gaglio

Joe Gaglio is a principal in risk advisory practice for Deloitte, as well as a passionate social activist closely involved with at leads half a dozen area nonprofits working together for a better Detroit. If you're looking for the line that connects all the various dots of Detroit innovation, it's Joe Gaglio. 

Rashida Tlaib

Rashida Tlaib is a departing State Representative for Michigan's 6th Congressional District, the first Muslim woman to be elected to the state Legislature in Michigan, and only the second to have done so nationally. Recently she also helped secure funding for the Southwest Detroit Community Justice Center.

Veronika Scott

Veronika Scott is the founder of The Empowerment Plan, a humanitarian project to make and deliver coats that are self-heated, waterproof, and transform into sleeping bags at night for people living on the streets.

Devita Davison

Devita Davison is the Community Kitchen Coordinator of Detroit Kitchen Connect, a network of co-working spaces for the city's food entrepreneurs.

Clement Brown, Jr.

Clement Brown, Jr. is the owner of  FAME Shop, a community impact workshop that offers personal branding courses in the areas of fashion, art, music, and entertainment. 

Ryan Myers-Johnson

Ryan Myers-Johnson is the founder of Sidewalk Festival of Performing Arts, an annual platform that allowed emerging experimental and alternative artists in Detroit to showcase their work in full view of the public.

Michael Evans

Michael Evans developed the 'blexting' app for Loveland Technologies and their Motor City Mapping project. He also teaches programming courses at Grand Circus and has his web-based technology show PishPosh.TV

Mark Covington

Mark Covington is the Founder and President of the Georgia Street Community Collective, a nonprofit organization located on Detroit's Eastside that reduces blight, addresses food security issues, and builds community through urban farming.

Sebastian Jackson

Sebastian Jackson is the owner of Social Club Grooming Co., which provides environmentally friendly grooming services as well as health and beauty education to the metropolitan Detroit community through socially responsible practices.
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