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Maggie DeSantis

Maggie DeSantis is Executive Director of the Warren/Conner Development Coalition, the first modern community development group to service Detroit's Lower Eastside. 

Curtis Lipscomb

Curtis Lipscomb is Executive Director and founder of KICK!, an organization which supports and advocates for African American gays and lesbians.

Ryan Myers-Johnson

Ryan Myers-Johnson is the founder of Sidewalk Festival of Performing Arts, an annual platform that allowed emerging experimental and alternative artists in Detroit to showcase their work in full view of the public.

Tatiana Grant

Tatiana Grant is the owner of Infused PR, a metro Detroit public/media relations and event planning company that counts Mayor Mike Duggan among their clients. 

Nicholas Mukhtar

Nicholas Mukhtar is the co-founder and CEO of the nonprofit Healthy Detroit, a nonprofit public health organization dedicated to building a culture of healthy, active living in the city of Detroit.

Chad Rochkind

Chad Rochkind is the Executive Director of Urban Social Assembly, which works to empower entrepreneurs and social innovators in the city of Detroit.

Barbara Barefield

Barbara Barefield, along with her husband Spencer, is one of the driving forces behind community engagement efforts in the historic Palmer Woods neighborhood, having launched the Palmer Woods Music in Homes concert series and being in a leadership role with the prominent community organization People for Palmer Park,

Justin Mast

Justin Mast is the co-founder of Practice Space, a multi-purpose company that provides physical space, resources, networking opportunities, and guidance to entrepreneurs who aren’t fully prepared to go at it alone just yet.

Jenny Lee

Jenny Lee is the Executive Director of Allied Media Projects, the host organization of the Allied Media Conference, a collaborative laboratory of media-based organizing strategies for transforming our world, held every summer in Detroit.

Jeff Klein

Jeff Klein is the co-owner of Detroit Farm and Garden, a retail store in Southwest Detroit that provides quality gardening, farming and landscape resources to Detroit’s communities.

Pashon Murray

Pashon Murray is the owner and co-founder of composting business Detroit Dirt, which takes food scraps from restaurants, corporate cafeterias, and even animal feces from the Detroit Zoo and composts it all into nutrient-rich dirt. She is also the star of that one Ford commercial.

Ned Staebler

Ned Staebler is Vice President of Economic Development at Wayne State University, and has been one of the most significant driving forces behind Midtown's rapid redevelopment. 

Graem Whyte and Faina Lerman

Graem Whyte and Faina Lerman are the founders of Popps Packing, a home, studio, and experimental arts venue aimed at promoting dialogue and cultural exchange between the local, national and international communities through exhibitions, performances, workshops and artist residencies.

Tom Derry

Tom Derry is the driving force behind Navin Field Grounds Crew, a volunteer organization that maintains the historic ballfield at Michigan and Trumbull. 

April Boyle

April Boyle is the Director of Small Business Initiatives at D:hive, where small-time entrepreneurs can find the resources they need to get started.
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