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Can small ideas add up to big change for cities? 13 projects that prove they can (VIDEO)

Urban revitalization is not built on stadiums and skyscrapers alone. Vibrant cities begin with passionate people working on the ground, doing the creative heavy lifting to make their communities better. Leading up to Urban Innovation Exchange Sept. 24-26 in Detroit, we take a look at 13 small projects with big potential.

One Detroit, One World: Re-imagining Detroit Through Diversity and Inclusion

Detroit is a city of division: blacks vs. whites, downtown vs. neighborhoods, immigrants vs. Detroiters. It is exactly these dichotomous relationships that draw people to the city from around the world to join us in our journey of growth and redefinition. How do we move beyond these divisions to become a more inclusive and diverse, global city? 

All together now: Diving deeper into Model D discussion on race

Race relations top the list of issues that need absolute real talk. There are many who believe Detroit can be a leader in building cooperation and harmony as we rebuild the city. Matthew Lewis reports from a room filled with plenty of believers. 

Urban Exchange: Trading Ideas with Toronto

Model D's Claire Nelson and Hopscotch Detroit social innovator Ajooni Sethi go north to share the power of play as a tool for civic engagement with our Canadian comrades at Yonge St. Sounds like some serious fun was had in the Queen City.
4 Articles | Page:
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