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Henry Ford Innovations receives $3M from Davidson Foundation

The Henry Ford Innovation Institute, the intellectual property incubator for Henry Ford Health System, has received a $3 million grant from the William Davidson Foundation aimed at expanding the hospital's entrepreneurial activity and educational outreach.

"This grant will allow us to start new programs and augment some programs we already have," says Dr. Scott Dulchavsky, CEO of the Henry Ford Innovation Institute.

The three-year grant establishes the William Davidson Center for Entrepreneurs in Digital Health. The center will help enable turning more of the healthcare innovations developed at Henry Ford Health System into commercially viable products.

Among the programs it plans to start is the Davidson Entrepreneurs in Residence, which will put about a dozen entrepreneurs to work in Henry Ford Innovation Institute helping commercialize new technologies. The Davidson Center will also help foster more collaboration between innovators, educators, and corporate partners to create new technologies, such as digital applications and platforms.

The $3 million grant will also help augment Henry Ford Health System’s education outreach programs. That includes helping fund and promote events about healthcare for everyone from middle school students to physicians' groups.

"We have a pretty robust plan in place for educating folks in the region," Dr. Dulchavsky says.

Source: Dr. Scott Dulchavsky, CEO of Henry Ford Innovation Institute
Writer: Jon Zemke

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