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Sustainability Features

Working towards a bike share program for Detroit

Lisa Nuszkowski, Senior Project Administrator for Economic Development at Wayne State University, recently visited internationally-renowned cycling-friendly cities Paris and Copenhagen to take some lessons in transit and mobility back to Detroit. 

When Great Minds Meet

A social entrepreneur, an oil and gas executive, and a politician walk into a conference in Detroit…so what happens next? The short answer: when great minds meet, creative ideas emerge.

UIX invites urban innovators to exchange ideas in Detroit

Cities are reinventing themselves in creative new ways. Can small-scale projects have big impact? Join us Sept. 24-26 in Detroit to explore creative projects driving neighborhood transformation and trade ideas for the future.

UIX Q&A: Jessie Feller, Meeting of the Minds

Meeting of the Minds is one of the premier annual leadership summits focused on urban sustainability, innovation and connected technology. The organization will hold its annual conference in Detroit this year September 30 through October 2. Here Managing Director Jessie Feller introduces Detroiters to the concept.

FoodLab: Weaving the network for a good food system in Detroit

Jess Daniel, founder of FoodLab Detroit, discusses network weaving versus networking, and how FoodLab utilizes the network weaving strategy to help build a strong good food system here in Detroit.
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Sustainability Videos

VIDEO: Wallace Detroit Guitars

Wallace Detroit Guitars uses reclaimed wood from abandoned houses in Detroit to make electric guitar bodies. The instruments emphasize the heritage of Detroit and build on the city's musical legacy. Video by Milk Products Media.   

VIDEO: Matthew Naimi, Recycle Here!

Recycle Here! was formed in 2005 to address the need for recycling options in the City of Detroit. What began as a grassroots neighborhood recycling event has evolved into a city-wide, fully-funded, neighborhood recycling program. As founder Matthew Naimi says here in the video, "It's one of the most Detroit things you're ever gonna see." Video by DETROIT LIVES

VIDEO: Peggy Brennan

Peggy and Tom Brennan might not know what the long-lasting implications of Green Garage will be for future generations, but they're excited at the prospects. Midtown's Green Garage is a green business incubator, office and workshop space, and community hub for people dedicated to a more sustainable way of living. They consider themselves the grandparents of a movement that they hope will reverberate for generations to come. Video by DETROIT LIVES!

VIDEO: Halima Cassells

In a city with a lot of vacant space, whose responsibility is it to clean it up? Halima Cassells of Detroit Mural Factory is one of many Detroiters stepping up to transform empty lots into public art and gardens. "When people come together to make things, it's fun." Video by DETROIT LIVES!
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