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DAY Project
DAY Project


Soh Suzuki

Detroit Asian Youth Project (DAY)

3061 Field Street
Detroit, Michigan 48214

Detroit Asian Youth Project (DAY)

Detroit Asian Youth (DAY) Project is a group of Asian Americans in Detroit developing leadership skills and awareness for social justice by engaging in community service, learning and other programs that foster appreciation towards Detroit and its Asian American community.

Founded in 2004, the mission of the Detroit Asian Youth Project is to motivate Asian American youth in Detroit to develop leadership skills and awareness for social justice by engaging in community projects that foster greater appreciation towards Detroit and its Asian American community. 
They use popular education techniques such as workshops, role playing and writing exercises to explore Asian identity and brainstorm solutions to the myriad of issues faced by these young people of color who come primarily from economically disadvantaged immigrant or refugee families. 
DAY Project brings together community members, college students, artists and Asian American youth for a year-round mentorship program and an eight-week summer program, primarily run by volunteers and donations. Their efforts always encourage youth to take an active role in the issues that affect them as urban youths through multiracial coalition building, community involvement and artistic expression.

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