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Ann Perrault

Ann Perrault is co-owner of Avalon Bakery, a hand-crafted baked goods business that emphasizes triple bottom line practice with the motto of "Eat Well, Do Good."

Rufus Bartell

Rufus Bartell is the owner of Simply Casual Clothing, a men's and women's boutique clothing store located on the historic Avenue of Fashion.

Brian Hurttienne

Brian Hurttienne is the Executive Director of The Villages CDC, a nonprofit community organization promoting stable community through business growth, housing stability, quality of life improvements and healthy lifestyles in The Villages of Detroit.

Joe Posch

Joe Posch is the owner of HUGH, Detroit's first pop-up retail store and the first-ever winner of Hatch Detroit, which recently opened in its permanent location inside of the Auburn Building in Midtown.

Eric Giles

Eric Giles is the owner and Executive Chef of The Sunday Dinner Company, a Southern comfort food-style restaurant in the East Jefferson corridor that is more social enterprise than mere restaurant.

Brad Whitaker

Brad Whitaker is the Chief Operating Officer of Alternatives for Girls, a multi-service agency that provides shelter as well as outreach and prevention programs to homeless, pregnant, and at-risk young women.

Shea Howell

Shea Howell is a founding member and board member of the Boggs Center, a space to nurture the development of visionary organizing rooted in place and history.

Liz Blondy

Liz Blondy is the owner of Canine To Five, a pet care facility located on Cass Avenue offering dog day care, grooming and cage-free attended overnight boarding. She is also one of the founders of Open City, a small business speaker series-cum-support group launched by Detroit-based independent merchants with the mission of assisting other aspiring entrepreneurs with education, insight and guidance. 

Jessica Care Moore

Jessica Care Moore is the founder of Black Women Rock! (BWR), an annual weekend-long cultural concert featuring female musicians of color.

Ajooni Sethi

Ajooni Sethi is the Community Engagement Manager for Wedge Detroit, a design firm which seeks to use design to add value to the already present infrastructure in the city. 

Adriel Thornton

Adriel Thornton is the owner of Fresh Media Group, which operates FreshCorp (an event production company specializing in electronic, hip hop and indie music events) and Wink Detroit (which creates experiences that promote queer culture in Detroit).

Dan Scarsella

Dan Scarsella is the owner of local brewery and pizzeria Motor City Brewing Works and also a founding member of People for Palmer Park, a nonprofit dedicated to revitalizing the historic 296-acre urban park.

Wayne Ramocan

Wayne Ramocan is the Program Coordinator at the Osborn Neighborhood Alliance (ONA), part of The Skillman Good Neighborhoods Initiative which seeks to create neighborhoods where kids are safe, healthy, well-educated and prepared for adulthood.

Nick Gorga

Nick Gorga is Co-Founder of Hatch Detroit, an annual contest that awards $50,000 in start-up capital and additional support services to a winning business idea for a storefront retail operation in the city.

Grant Lancaster

Grant Lancaster is owner of City Wings Detroit, a slick restaurant in New Center where the food is made fresh using high-quality ingredients and where excellent customer service is emphasized. If cleanliness is next to godliness, City Wings is the Pantheon of wing joints. 
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