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VIDEO: Terry Blackhawk

The InsideOut Literary Arts Project helps young Detroiters find their voices as writers, which in turn teaches them to think critically and creatively. Since she founded the program in 1995, Terry Blackhawk has grown the program from a few classrooms to more than 30 schools and 4,300 students - no small feat. Video by DETROIT LIVES! read on…

VIDEO: Halima Cassells

In a city with a lot of vacant space, whose responsibility is it to clean it up? Halima Cassells of Detroit Mural Factory is one of many Detroiters stepping up to transform empty lots into public art and gardens. "When people come together to make things, it's fun." Video by DETROIT LIVES! read on…

VIDEO: Yusef Shakur

"A bookstore? That's the most radical sh*t you can do in the 21st century, open a bookstore in certain areas." If so, then Yusef Bunchy Shakur, owner of the Urban Network, is pretty radical -- and innovative. Check out his conversation with DETROIT LIVES! about his work to build a stronger community in Detroit's Zone 8 neighborhood. read on…

VIDEO: Jessica Williams

Jessica Brooke Williams leads Young Adults/Artists/Activists of Heidelberg (YAH), a branch of the Heidelberg Project that engages young adults to become leaders in the community and gain professional development in Detroit's arts industry. Video profile by DETROIT LIVES! read on…
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